A step into the future

We have used TripleA since the product was introduced on the market as a complement to our care we provide. For example, it could be people who come back from other treatment facilities or compulsory treatment.

The client is to be issued a home and occupation and to ensure sobriety which the rental contract is dependant on, TripleA has been a successful tool for both the clients and ourselves at social service.

That has also resulted in what the client describes as a lot of liberty not to being constantly visited by social service. Instead, the appointments that they do have become more focused on therapeutic talks rather than control.

Furthermore, we’ve been able to use TripleA in cases where we need to ensure sobriety in the precense of children, in some cases over the weekend but also part time.

I strongly recommend testing this product which is a step into the future of treatment.

//Henric bergqvist, Trollhättans Stad