Anxious to lose TripleA

We have very good impressions of TripleA after using it in Tranås.

Initally we used it for people who were considered for compulsory care (april/may 2016). One of these people had previously been taken into compulsory care and also suffer from diabetes. Personally, I was very sceptical that this would work, mostly because I have went through a 12 step method myself 20 years ago.

I have been sober ever since and attend AA meetings every week. My personal experience made me not believe in TripeA. That was something I had to re-evaluate.

Since we started using TripleA, the people that have used it have shown a long lasting and stable period of sobriety. There’s one exception, a young mother who had relapsed twice in siz months. She tried hiding the first one but after the second she contacted us and admitted to drinking and asked for help. The quick communication ensured that we could halt the relapse process and restore sobriety. We also have clients that lead what many would see as a normal life with a stable job but that have an alcohol problem. These people have also started suing TripleA which has turned out well.

What’s particularly interesting is that everyone (so far) who’s used TripleA feel slightly anxious about completing their care period and not having access to it anymore.

// Tranås municipality