Relapse was alleviated

The municipality’s first tripleA-client suffers a severe case of alcohol addiction and have been close to compulsory care several times. The client started using TripleA after their latest detox session in January and was sober until mid-May. At that time, the caregiver got a text message saying “I’m not going to do the sobriety test. You probably understand why…”. The caregiver asked her to do the test anyway. The client obliged and as suspected the test showed positive for alcohol on both Friday and Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon however, the test showed green – no alcohol – and kept testing sober the following days. With the help of TripleA and his caregiver the client managed to stop drinking and he was clearly proud of this accomplishment. He told the caregiver that he even had beer in the fridge that he declined to drink and eventually gave it to his neighbour.

Previous episodes of relapse had resulted in detox and long periods of getting back on his feet. TripleA had saved him a lot of personal suffering and had also saved treatment costs for the healthcare system.

// medium sized municipalty in Värmland